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Part III: “The Experts Reveal: Three Great Breakfasts, Lunches & Dinners for Weight Loss”

We’ve rounded up some of the best fitness and nutrition experts we know. Last week we spotlighted Fitness & Lifestyle Coach, Cynthia Spenla. This week, Bianca Meehan, a Certified Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Coach is sharing her tips and recipes with us. For our final week, we will have Marisa Watson, a Certified Personal

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Shhh…Just Between Me & You…20 Secrets to Get You Ready for Bikini Season

TOP 20 SECRETS TO GET YOU READY FOR BIKINI BODY SEASON First of all…Bikini Bodies are COMPLETELY OVERRATED…it’s all about getting fit & strong ladies! Here are 20 unconventional ways to get & keep a fit & strong body while still having a life! Incorporate these rules below into your daily lifestyle to not only

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Bring it ON Intestinal Flora, the Good the Bad & the FUGLY…

What is intestinal flora? How is intestinal flora linked to weight gain? What can I do to improve my health in this area and in turn possibly shed some weight? “Good VS. Bad Bacteria” The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly side effects… Intestinal Flora: Think Activia & Jamie Lee Curtis….The bacteria in your “gut”.

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